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5 Top Adventure Places in India

5 Top Adventure places in India

The adventure places in India are many and the below mentioned is the five different varieties of adventure activities you can enjoy along with your adventure tour in India.

It is advisable to book your travel and lodging facilities in advance online to beat the rush. India is a tourist friendly place and most of the adventure sport activity charges are affordable.

Dhanaulti & kanatal

Chamba, don’t mix up it for the one in the Himalayas, is around a 2-hour drive from Rishikesh. It is one untouched and crisp slope station at an elevation of 1600mt above ocean level. A place where you can unwind and loosen up from the surge of the urban areas.


We completed a stopover here and consumed up a space in a lodging sitting above whole Chamba. A fascinating spot to visit there is the Tehri Dam, which we couldn’t improve the situation different reasons.

It was the following goal which was keeping me all exicted and anxious to wander out. After we looked at of Chamba, we made a beeline for Dhanaulti/Jwarna.


We did overnight outdoors there in nearly solidifying temperatures without radiators. This campground is situated at very nearly 8300ft. above ocean level.

The pathway to the goal was unpleasant and restless. As we were achieving the best, the commotion levels in nature weakened and the temperature levels dropped down definitely.

Portable network was additionally fading and as we entered the resort it was totally dead separating us totally from the outside world.


Nearest Airport – Jolly Grant Airport

Nearest Railway Station – Dehradun


5 Top Adventure Camp In india kanatal
5 Top Adventure Camp In india kanatal





Kurfi is one of the highest places in India for mountain snow skiing. It has long stretch of snow ranging from 350m to 800m long skiable area in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India.

This place is 2700 meters above the mean sea level. It is advisable to visit here during winter (December to February) for the armature skiers and the professional skiers.

Nearest Airport – Jubbarbhatti Airport

Nearest Railway Station – Shimla


kufri shimla Camps
kufri shimla Camps

Nanital Camp dhanuli

Nanital Camp is the best place to take wild tour along with water sporting. The river rafting on the Ganga  River will give you amazing thrill, which is the largest rive in India.

International tourists do visit this place for river rafting. The best season to visit here is from November to May in a year. This is an international river with dirt free water and the best for river rafting.

Nearest Airport – Pantnagar Airport, Pantnagar

Nearest Railway Station – Kathgodam




Goa is an all season international tourist destination in India. The Paragliding is one of the most preferred activities to do once in Goa.

When you are in Goa, you can enjoy sun sand and the beach. You will get an amazing view of sea beaches, the Sea, palm grooves and sky while paragliding with the trained professionals.

Apart from paragliding, you can enjoy many other water sports activities available for adventure sports tourists.

Nearest Airport – Margoa

Nearest Railway Station – Goa International Airport

goapackages adventure Camps
goapackages adventure Camps


The Rishikesh is one of the spiritual tourists place in Uttrakhand State, India. The Flying fox is the most important adventure activity; every tourist will take once in Rishikesh.

It takes an hour time to complete the trip in sliding down position. He or she can get the entire hill terrain as watching with a bird’s eye view. You will also fly and river rafting above the holy River Ganga, while taking this ride.

This is an all season tourist place and you can enjoy other mountain and water sports activities available for tourists and adventure sporting professionals.

Nearest Airport – Jolly Grant Airport

Nearest Railway Station – Haridwar



rishikesh river rafting
rishikesh river rafting

Things To Do in Dhanaulti Kanatal Camp

The queen of the hills, Mussoorie has long been quite attracted the mass. For quite a long time, people visit and explore the hill of Mussoorie. There is another hill named Kanatal Camp . Dhanaulti is in the Kanatal Hill. Not many people know the place, making much of its place untouched and unexplored. Dhanaulti in  Kanatal hill provides a great place to unwind for those extended holidays. Much is there to see, much to explore. Trekking, camping, rappelling and rock climbing- there are quite a few activities for those adventurous souls. It is moreover a stopover for travellers travelling across Uttarakhand. Nature’s way of welcoming in Kanatal is mesmerizing.

Dhanaulti in Kanatal provides a favoured place for camp and some adventurous sports.

So, here are things to do when you are in Dhanaulti, Kanatal.

  1.  Trekking en route Chamba The landscape will provide a picturesque view. A vivid pass for nature walks. It will present you with the various mesmerizing colours of wild orchids and tunes from the thick vegetations. It is a jungle trail, the jungle being the Kodai jungle. Wild Boar, musk deer, Ghoral are some of the animals that can make your trek a bit more interesting.

    Trekking in rishikesh
    Trekking in rishikesh


2. Camping at Dhanaulti Been there with your friends. then champing is a must do At Dhanaulti. Wooden homes or tent, you can perfectly tune in into your desired environment when camping at Dhanaulti. Trek, try rock climbing, dance around a bonfire, make the meat tender under the coal or just lie and stargaze, Dhanaulti will provide you with a good experience to unwind. If you go there alone, it will be convenient to carry your own camping materials.

Dhanaulti Camp
Camping in Dhanaulti

3. Cross valley on rope Valley crossing by rope activities is the best thing to when you are in the Kanatal hill. It includes crossing an 80ft deep valley by rope activity. The adventurous task and the picturesque valley provides a better gateway for those extended holidays.

valley cross
valley cross

4. Rappelling and Rock Climbing The Kanatal hill has got rocky outcrops and the cliffs are naturally high, making it a very favoured place for Rappelling & Rock Climbing. These adventurous activities are generally offered by private organisers.

Rishikesh Rappelling
Rappelling in Rishikesh

5. Jungle Safari in Kodia Forest A jungle safari in Kodia Forest is quite a wonderful experience. The jungle being covered in thick flora and fauna presents a mesmerizing range of wildlife habitat. Musk deer, barking deer, wild boar, and nilgai are  some of the easy to notice species in the Kodia Forest. many rare bird species also habitats in this Kodia Forest.

Jungle safari in Rishikesh
Jungle Safari in Rishikesh

Stay in a homestay If for few days you want to live like the ones staying in the mountains, rent a homestay here. Welcome, Food, accommodation- everything will be like the mountain culture. Forget the city life for some days and enjoy some days of peace and recreation in one of the huts in Kanatal.

Dhanaulti and the Kanatal hill is unexplored and not many people visit there frequently. It will provide you with a calm and peaceful surrounding with some fun activities at kanatal Camp.



Dhanaulti Camp – Luxury camping in mussoorie

Dhanaulti Camp  – Luxury camping in mussoorie

In the event that you need to feel fervor extravagance experience camp then our camp is the correct spot for you.

It is situated in town Thangdhar on Mussoorie slopes at a tallness of 8,500 ft over the ocean level. We are giving superb settlement office that makes you feel good and unattractive.

Every one of the tents is enriched to make you feel unique. Without a doubt, camping in Dhanaulti around excellent snow clad mountains, gigantic tops in Kanatal, certainly be spending life-changing minutes.



For the individuals who are searching for a getaway that is close Delhi yet cut-off from the hustle clamor of the city, this is the best place to be.

The ideal thought that you can attempt with your friends and family is to go to some experience camp in Kanatal.

Dhanaulti camp is surely understood for its awesome Himalayas and situated at the edge of green flourishing thick pine timberland and
has a stunning pleasant area with a striking all-encompassing perspective of incredible Himalayas.

About Dhanaulti

Dhanaulti camp is another brave spot to visit, arranged at a height of 8500ft at a little separation of 25 km from Mussoorie slopes.
It is picture immaculate with perspective slopes all around furthermore has stunning woods of Oak and Deodar all around.

There are two vast eco parks in Dhanaulti which are very near one another. The best a portion of Dhanaulti is its lovely atmosphere round the year.

Winters can be very icy with the mercury going under 0 degrees Celsius now and then.While in the summers, it never goes above 35 degrees Celsius.


Enterprise sits tight for you

What is in an occasion on the off chance that you go to some spot and get exhausted? That is the reason both Dhanaulti and Kanatal have a considerable measure of experience camps that will keep you entertained.

On the off chance that you go to an enterprise camp in Kanatal, you have the accompanying advantages-Camps are the most ideal route for you to contact Mother Nature.

Living in a camp gives you a chance to experience the sights and hints of nature with no simulated boundaries. When you stay outdoors, you bond with your family and companions.

Sitting by a campfire with your friends and family and singing melodies is an involvement in itself.

Taking a gander at the stars sparkle splendid when you go to bed is yet another memory made.

Camps in Kanatal are in a perfect world found so you can reach there from Delhi for a weekend getaway or via auto for a more extended getaway.


You have a ton of things to do in Dhanaulti. You can stroll over the flying fox, rope connects and even ride steeds.

You can likewise visit the eco parks, go to Surkandadevi and go visit a potato ranch.
You can stroll around and experience nearby cooking in the camp. These dinners are produced using the finest fixings and will abandon you entranced.

You can likewise look for stoles, scarves and other silk and Pashmina things that are made locally by weavers.

They are evaluated ostensibly and are very moderate. The greater part of these camps have bundles for couples and for families.

They don’t charge for children less than 5 years old.or family, take a stab at Camping in Dhanaulti and you will run home with bounty to love.



Satiate your wanderlust by experiencing adventure in Dhanaulti Kanatal camp

Dhanaulti Kanatal camp amazing experience

A little villa, Kanatal arranged 44 km from Mussoorie at a rise of 8,500 ft over the ocean level stays untouched and unexplored by a lion's share of the vacationers. Outing to Kanatal, a concealed gem with some best-kept privileged insights of nature will take you through the eminent slopes of Mussoorie and Chamba. It is named after the lake Kanatal, which by local people is ventured to have once existed there. The ideal approach to find this land at the chest of the earth is by experiencing the adventure in Dhanaulti Kanatal camp. Camping is probably the best option as far as unearthing the serenity and picturesque beauty of the location. Though there are options in abundance with regards to accommodation in Kanatal but nothing can come even close to the experience of camping here. A brief journey through the unexplored place takes you through the apple plantations, pine woodlands, and rich natural life. Various camps set up in Kanatal organize enterprise exercises for the vacationers, which incorporate trekking, rappelling, shake climbing, touring, bon fires, and different diversions.

Other significant attractions in and around Kanatal are:

Kodia Jungle:  A trek to Kanatal is inadequate without a visit to Kodia Jungle. It is 1 km in front of Kanatal towards Chamba and is a trek of right around 5-6 km. In the event that you don't wish to trek you can go on a jeep safari. A journey through the wilderness will develop the extent of experiencing the natural life. Musk Deer, Wild pigs, and Kakar (the yapping deer) are a few creatures that can be located effectively.

Tehri Dam:  35 km from Kanatal, at the conjunction of two waterways, Bhagirathi and Bhilangana, stands the eminent Tehri Dam. Consistently, a huge number of guests come to see this stunning dam, which has submerged numerous mountains underneath it.

Surkanda Devi Temple:  A sanctuary committed to Goddess Sati, partner of Lord Shiva, holds a considerable measure of criticalness among local people and vacationers who come here consistently. It is trusted that the head of Sati fell at this place when Lord Shiva was taking her remaining parts. One needs to trek for 2 km to achieve the highest point of the sanctuary.

In the event that you wish to take out some additional time, there are numerous other excellent tourist destinations in Uttarakhand that might arise your interest. A few outings close Kanatal are Dhanaulti (17 km), Mussoorie (44 km), Chamba (16 km), and New Tehri (35 km).

Dhanaulti Kanatal camp

Take Experience of Dhanaulti Kanatal Camp

Dhanaulti Kanatal camp is arranged at 8,500 fts in Mussoorie Chamba Road at the separation of 310 Kms/8 hrs from Delhi/NCR, inconspicuous amidst profound wildernesses of oaks.

Set in the heart of the Indian Himalayas and encompassed by thick Pine, since quite a while ago lush inclines of Deodar, Pine, Oak and  Rhododendron timber lands,

Dhanaulti Kanatal camp, the camp offers serenity is by all accounts straight out of some sentimental exemplary. Dhanaulti Kanatal camp is a chilliest strange destination close to Delhi. The magnificent and wonderful 180 degree point of view of the snow clad Himalayas will fill you with a wistful request.

Excellent and enrapturing environment and camp life will make you feel like the affection and delight of lying in Mother Nature’s lap.

We have 23 Camps (19 Swiss tents and 4 grand tents) Each Swiss camp has connected washroom with running water office and exclusive camp have basic washroom. We give 24 hrs supply of power with a sufficient go down office.



Reveal yourself inside of the serene environment of Nature with Camping at Dhanaulti Kanatal camp. Odd yet great areas happen to be perceived and intended for campgrounds which have kept on being the favored with all age’s gathering.

The perfect months of the season for outdoors in Dhanaulti Kanatal camp are from March to center of July and amidst September till the main portion of November. Warm attire is favored all through year.


We promise of the rare experience. Watchful arranging with noteworthy spotlight on fundamental wellbeing and “eco-sense”

make up the initial move towards our whole wander treks. Furthermore the gainful staff, best in class gear, great camp nourishment and you has an extraordinary Dhanaulti Kanatal camp excursion.


Dhanaulti Kanatal camp has 25 Swiss bungalow tents with connected toilets and power, every tent has three beds with blankets, cushions and slick and clean bed sheets.

Each of the tents are tastefully planned yet experience variable is constantly remembered to beautify tents. Toilets of Camp Kanatal have running icy water, Hot water supplied by cans on interest.



Kanatal Camp has multi food kitchen and gives North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Garhwali suppers to visitors, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinners are served at King size eating tent, Tea and snacks are served at blaze place.


Dhanaulti Kanatal camp gives 180 degree perspectives of Jungles , mountains, valley , Dhanaulti Kanatal camp has its very own play area and visitors can play Volleyball, Cricket, Football, Badminton Etc.

Camp has round the clock security by its own staff, First guide office, Camp flame/Bon fire territory, Garhwali society music exhibitions ( on solicitation) and so forth.


Basic Information:

Temperature: Varies from 5°C to 26°C

Distance from Major cities:

Dehradun: 75 kms, Delhi: 310 kms, Rishikesh: 80 kms, Mussoorie: 40 kms, Hardwar: 105 kms

Best Season:

Throughout the Year.

How to Approach Dhanaulti Kanatal camp

Rail: Up to Haridwar: Shatabdi Express, Jan Shatabdi or Mussorie Express. Also direct trains from Mumbai and Lucknow. Further 100 Kms by road.

For The Booking of camping in Dhanaulti

To Other camping Sites in dhanaulti Utharakhand or othere places in Utharakhand jst click on the links  given.





Adventure Kanatal Camp

Adventure Kanatal Camp –  Near Dhanaulti and Chamba

For An Enriching Adventurous Experience Amid The Pristine Nature.

Interested in camping at the amazing peaceful environment to something like Kanatal and Dhanaulti, well you are absolutely going to the right place where an individual can entertain a mix of beauty, comfort as well as adventure all at a single place. Kanatal is one of the fascinating hills station located at the height of 8600 feet in Mussurie hills near to Dhanaulti. Surrounded with amazing dense and green jungles, and also known as the chilliest destination near to Delhi. Kanatal is well known for its great Himalayas and located at the edge of green thriving dense pine forest and has an amazing picturesque location with a remarkable panoramic view of great Himalayas.

Undoubtedly, Camping in beautiful snow clad mountains, massive peaks in Kanatal, definitely be spending an unforgettable moments. Kanatal wonderful all terrains- mountains, river beaches, desert, green jungles covered with thick snow, we make sure you will be experiencing one of best holiday that you ever have spend.

Plenty To Enjoy And Experience All Through Kanatal Camp

If you are planning to take the experience of trekking, an individual can visit Surkanda Devi temple by trekking instead of the road. This temple is surrounded by beautiful dense forest and beautiful picturesque location of surrounding cities as like Rishikesh and Dehradun.  In addition, plenty of Eco point that includes herbal gardens, Himalayan view, animals, intense snowfall in the winter season and extraordinary view of Himalayan birds are a too amazing major attraction of Kanatal.

Dhanaulti is another adventurous place to visit, situated at an altitude of 8500ft at a small distance of 25 km from Mussoorie hills. It includes a wide clean forest of deodar, as well as oak and has an environment of perfect peace and calm, marvelous breezes, lazy outings, long wooden slopes, good-looking and magnificent weather as well as the sight of snow covered mountains makes an ideal tourist and vacation destination.

Dhanaulti Camp And adventure Kanatal Camp Activities

Dhanaulti and Kanatal are well known for adventure activities & leisure activities. You can explore camping here seeing the sights Mussoorie and Dhanaulti, nature tracks and many different outdoor sports you can take pleasure in.

  •  Rock climbing
  • Burma Bridge
  • Flying trapeze
  • Spider web
  • Archery
  • Rope Ladder
  • Rafting
  • Trekking
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Sheesha Lounging
  • Rifle Shooting
  • Dunking
  • Ham mocking
  • Bonfire

Dhanaulti is tourist destinations where you can be sitting relax and relieve your stress behind and also experience the creativity of biodiversity and nature. Instead of this, if you are an enthusiast of adventure and desire to go head to head you can go for night climbing with camps guide with hot soup in the jungle, an individual can spend soothing under the full sky of star by the thrilling camp fire.

Day by day increase of holiday makers, today Dhanaulti and Kanatal becomes a most favorite tourist destination for student, families, friend’s corporate group, and honeymoon makers.

Delightful and attractive packages from, will surely enchant to visit an amazing destination dhanaulti and Kanatal.