Adventure Kanatal Camp –  Near Dhanaulti and Chamba

For An Enriching Adventurous Experience Amid The Pristine Nature.

Interested in camping at the amazing peaceful environment to something like Kanatal and Dhanaulti, well you are absolutely going to the right place where an individual can entertain a mix of beauty, comfort as well as adventure all at a single place. Kanatal is one of the fascinating hills station located at the height of 8600 feet in Mussurie hills near to Dhanaulti. Surrounded with amazing dense and green jungles, and also known as the chilliest destination near to Delhi. Kanatal is well known for its great Himalayas and located at the edge of green thriving dense pine forest and has an amazing picturesque location with a remarkable panoramic view of great Himalayas.

Undoubtedly, Camping in beautiful snow clad mountains, massive peaks in Kanatal, definitely be spending an unforgettable moments. Kanatal wonderful all terrains- mountains, river beaches, desert, green jungles covered with thick snow, we make sure you will be experiencing one of best holiday that you ever have spend.

Plenty To Enjoy And Experience All Through Kanatal Camp

If you are planning to take the experience of trekking, an individual can visit Surkanda Devi temple by trekking instead of the road. This temple is surrounded by beautiful dense forest and beautiful picturesque location of surrounding cities as like Rishikesh and Dehradun.  In addition, plenty of Eco point that includes herbal gardens, Himalayan view, animals, intense snowfall in the winter season and extraordinary view of Himalayan birds are a too amazing major attraction of Kanatal.

Dhanaulti is another adventurous place to visit, situated at an altitude of 8500ft at a small distance of 25 km from Mussoorie hills. It includes a wide clean forest of deodar, as well as oak and has an environment of perfect peace and calm, marvelous breezes, lazy outings, long wooden slopes, good-looking and magnificent weather as well as the sight of snow covered mountains makes an ideal tourist and vacation destination.

Dhanaulti Camp And adventure Kanatal Camp Activities

Dhanaulti and Kanatal are well known for adventure activities & leisure activities. You can explore camping here seeing the sights Mussoorie and Dhanaulti, nature tracks and many different outdoor sports you can take pleasure in.

  •  Rock climbing
  • Burma Bridge
  • Flying trapeze
  • Spider web
  • Archery
  • Rope Ladder
  • Rafting
  • Trekking
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Sheesha Lounging
  • Rifle Shooting
  • Dunking
  • Ham mocking
  • Bonfire

Dhanaulti is tourist destinations where you can be sitting relax and relieve your stress behind and also experience the creativity of biodiversity and nature. Instead of this, if you are an enthusiast of adventure and desire to go head to head you can go for night climbing with camps guide with hot soup in the jungle, an individual can spend soothing under the full sky of star by the thrilling camp fire.

Day by day increase of holiday makers, today Dhanaulti and Kanatal becomes a most favorite tourist destination for student, families, friend’s corporate group, and honeymoon makers.

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