Satiate your wanderlust by experiencing adventure in Dhanaulti Kanatal camp

Dhanaulti Kanatal camp amazing experience

A little villa, Kanatal arranged 44 km from Mussoorie at a rise of 8,500 ft over the ocean level stays untouched and unexplored by a lion's share of the vacationers. Outing to Kanatal, a concealed gem with some best-kept privileged insights of nature will take you through the eminent slopes of Mussoorie and Chamba. It is named after the lake Kanatal, which by local people is ventured to have once existed there. The ideal approach to find this land at the chest of the earth is by experiencing the adventure in Dhanaulti Kanatal camp. Camping is probably the best option as far as unearthing the serenity and picturesque beauty of the location. Though there are options in abundance with regards to accommodation in Kanatal but nothing can come even close to the experience of camping here. A brief journey through the unexplored place takes you through the apple plantations, pine woodlands, and rich natural life. Various camps set up in Kanatal organize enterprise exercises for the vacationers, which incorporate trekking, rappelling, shake climbing, touring, bon fires, and different diversions.

Other significant attractions in and around Kanatal are:

Kodia Jungle:  A trek to Kanatal is inadequate without a visit to Kodia Jungle. It is 1 km in front of Kanatal towards Chamba and is a trek of right around 5-6 km. In the event that you don't wish to trek you can go on a jeep safari. A journey through the wilderness will develop the extent of experiencing the natural life. Musk Deer, Wild pigs, and Kakar (the yapping deer) are a few creatures that can be located effectively.

Tehri Dam:  35 km from Kanatal, at the conjunction of two waterways, Bhagirathi and Bhilangana, stands the eminent Tehri Dam. Consistently, a huge number of guests come to see this stunning dam, which has submerged numerous mountains underneath it.

Surkanda Devi Temple:  A sanctuary committed to Goddess Sati, partner of Lord Shiva, holds a considerable measure of criticalness among local people and vacationers who come here consistently. It is trusted that the head of Sati fell at this place when Lord Shiva was taking her remaining parts. One needs to trek for 2 km to achieve the highest point of the sanctuary.

In the event that you wish to take out some additional time, there are numerous other excellent tourist destinations in Uttarakhand that might arise your interest. A few outings close Kanatal are Dhanaulti (17 km), Mussoorie (44 km), Chamba (16 km), and New Tehri (35 km).

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